• $999.00


Widescreen sound and music streaming for TVs on stands and furniture. 

PLAYBASE TV Placement Guidelines

Single Foot Stands

Make sure your TV stand rests completely on your PLAYBASE with no overhang. Securely supports any screen up to 35 kg.

What works

Single foot and continuous frames.

What doesn't

Stands with unstable legs.

Split Foot Stands

PLAYBASE fits conveniently between the legs of most TVs stands with separate feet.

What works

Feet must be at least 2.3” (58mm) tall to allow for PLAYBASE clearance.

What doesn't

Legs that are either too close together or too low to provide full clearance.

Work Arounds & Watch Outs

Consider a TV stand with shelves. Or place inside a cabinet.

For best acoustics, set your PLAYBASE toward the front with 2” of clearance on each side.

Watch Outs

Don’t place objects lighter than 2.3 kg on top of your PLAYBASE. The sound may send them flying.