Facial Recognition


Transform your business with Facial Recognition from NoahFace!

NoahFace Access runs on a tablet mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching. When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using the latest facial recognition technology.

From being the first tablet-based App to employ facial recognition for customer service , NoahFace has now developed into the more secure alternative to access control cards, PIN numbers and fingerprint identification. Your face is your key that allows access to you only, and cannot be given away like an access card or PIN number!

As with traditional access control systems, Facial Recognition comes with the same amount of management options. For example, a facilities or security manager can restrict access and time for a variety of groups, all from a simple to use password protected web browser.

This ingenious, accurate and fast facial recognition system can also incorporate Time and Attendance amongst an array of other customisable features, such as Visitor Management and Job Tracking.

From just fifty cents per user per month (and once off setup/installation fee), Noahface facial recognition is an extremely inexpensive option, that is simple and convenient to use and a must for the security of your business.

See the video below to explain more!