Artificial Intelligence and Security

Posted by Julian Miller on

Did you realise how Artificial Intelligence is making its foray into each and every area of our lives? Well, Security is no exception. You will always wonder how to make your business feel more safe and secure so that you can run it smoothly, without having to worry about it! Well, Face Recognition is the word. Meet Noahface, the latest offering in artificial intelligence to security services. Noahface uses face recognition at its heart.

Noah Face Access runs on a tablet mounted next to your door, constantly monitoring for people approaching.

When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces using facial recognition technology. If there is a match, it evaluates your configured access rules and, if appropriate, informs a receiver. 

The receiver either directly releases the magnetic lock (in a stand-alone configuration), or informs your existing access control system (in an integrated configuration).

    The configured access rules include support for day-of-week and time-of-day restrictions, and you can set different identification requirements at different times. For example, you can allow fast and convenient facial recognition access during business hours, while requiring a passcode or even an access card outside of these hours.To know more visit .

    A photographic record all access attempts is stored in an event log so you can examine it later if needed. (Sources

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